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Ovens Powder Coating

Ovens Powder Coating

Belmeko is manufacturer of powder coating ovens, more precisely drying ovens and cure ovens to dry after a chemical pretreatment and to cure the powder coat.


Powder oven with direct burner

Dry-off oven, built next to high temperature cure oven

Continuous drying oven en curing oven with heat recovery; both gas-fired ovens

Powder oven

Open ended conveyor oven

Tunnel powder coating oven up to 250°C with P&F Conveyor

Dry off oven, more precisely high volume conveyor oven system

Box oven with manual overhead system

Powder coat oven with manual transfer

Box cure oven with coupling bridge crane

Paint cure oven for wet & powder batch production coatings

Inside of an oven chamber

Electric batch oven

Oven to cure powder and adapted to use trolleys