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Stand Alone Oven up to 450°C

Stand Alone Oven up to 450°C

Belmeko is manufacturer of industrial ovens up to 450°C. The ovens are made to measure from A to Z: Belmeko has its own engineering, production, assembly and after-sales service. Heating can be carried out by oil, gas or electricity.


The ovens can be made for batch production of small volumes or for fully automated conveyor lines for high production volumes.


The applications of the ovens are very diverse: 1. heat treatment of aluminum, plastics,... 2. Drying after a chemical pretreatment; 3. drying of painted pieces (word, metal, plastics,...); 4. Curing of powder coat; 5. thermofixation of textile fibers; 6. annealing to alter the microstructure of a material; 6. drying of ceramic material; 7. Etc.


Pre-assembled oven = built and installed in the Belmeko workplace

Heat treatment with gas heated thermo fixation oven

3 high-temperature industrial ovens

3 electric teflon coating ovens

Preheating oven – electric batch furnace, built to measure – top loading by overhaed crane

High temperature oven (450°C) with 4 charging zones

Batch production oven in a paint shop

Industrial furnace for heat treatment of fiber reinforced plastic

Electric chamber furnace fabricated in stainless steel for wine-industry

Batch oven or walk-in oven

1 big convection oven having 2 bladed revolving doors

Standalone oven for production in batches, not continuously

Small electrical oven for the industry

Batch oven for curing, drying or baking in small batches, using wheeled racks

Open front spraybooth with baking oven

Annealing oven and standalone oven, preassembled in Belmeko workshop

Gas-fired oven

Small industrial oven of +/- 1m³; high-temperature oven

High-temperature oven

Very big drying room with warm water battery

Standalone cure oven for wet & powder batch production coatings, including a rail system

Polymerisation oven

Conveyorised oven: curing oven with integrated conveyor

Big box cure oven including a conveyor system