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Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems

Belmeko is a one-stop-shop by integrating the conveyor in the paint shop. Belmeko can integrate manual, powered and power& free systems.


Electric lift-lower device to easily hang on heavy parts

Big production buffer in manual overhead system

Manual rail

Overhead conveyor system

Manual conveyor system

Manual overhead system

Manual conveyor

Turnaround station in spraybooth

Manual overhead conveyor with coupling bridge crane

Multi-process system with manual overhead conveyor and coupling bridge crane

Coupling bridge crane

Powered overhead system

Coating line with powered overhead conveyor

Paint shop with powered overhead conveyor

Loading and unloading zone in Power & Free conveyor

Power & Free conveyor (P&F)

Fully automated paint line

Paint shop with powered overhead conveyor

Powered overhead system

Accumulation zone (P&F) in a drying oven

Automatic push system for manual rail

Manual conveyor system with lifting and lowering station