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Belmeko is manufacturer of made to measure wet paint installations. It has its own engineering, production and assembling of spray walls, paint spray booths, drying ovens, sanding booths, paint mixing rooms, paint storage rooms en overhead conveyor systems (from manual to power & free).


Paint finishing equipment for woodworking industry with high gloss paint

Adjustable dubble Painting cabine for manual painting of small and big parts

Customized Painting cabine for industrial parts

Spray cabin with crossflow ventilation and flash off/ dry area for wet paint application

Coating installation for wood interior and furniture

Spray room for wood industry

Semi-downdraft booth for woodworking industry

Paint workshop in wood industry: sanding booth, painting room, flash-off area, drying booth and mixing room

Paintbooth for carpenter

Mixing room and spraybooth looking as one integrated unit

One spraybooth with two separate spray areas

Wet spray painting of doors in dry filter spray booth

Painting cabin with manual conveyor system

Wet paint application booth for furniture and interior

Dry filter spray booth with diagonal ventilation

Wet paint installation with manual conveyor

Commercial spray booth with turning point to rotate the pieces in front of the spray wall

Paint finishing equipment for wooden windows: spraybooth with manual conveyor

Coating plant for wood working industry: sanding area, spraying area, drying area, mixing room and paint storage

Two spray area for two painters in one spray booth

Dry filter booth

Total painting system for a furniture maker

Painting of wooden furniture thanks to paint finishing equipment

Coating plant for a carpenter

Installation to paint kitchens

Total paint workshop for woodworking industry: machines to sand, paint and dry the paint

Commercial spraybooth with 3 painting zones

Spray booth with andrea filtering

Overview of a painting department

Dry filter spray booth which has 2 painting areas

Industrial painting of wooden doors

Coating plant with active carbon filtration system

All the machinery necessary to dye wooden furniture: Sanding area, primer spray booth, paint booth, drying booth, mixing room

Wet paint booth for wood working industry

All the coating machines nicely integrated in one unit for a carpenter

Robot to manipulate wooden doors

Machine for wet spray painting

Industrial painting & drying booth with vertical air flow

Semi-downdraft wet paint application booth

Furniture paint booth

Paint finishing equipment for furniture maker

Small spraybooth with active carbon filtration system

Spray cabin with vertical ventilation to paint windows

Spray/dry booth with mixing room for wood industry

Active carbon filtration system to reduce VOC and the smell of paint

Paint shop for wooden constructions

Painter in front of an andrea filtering

Spray booth oven having diagonal air flow, used for varnishing as well