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Spray Tunnels and Baths

Spray Tunnels and Baths

Belmeko is producer of pretreatment tunnels, single and multi-chamber spraying systems and bath series; all produced in its own workshop in Oostkamp, Belgium. The tunnels can be made of stainless steel or polypropylene.


The pretreatment systems are made to measure depending the different processes to be installed: Degreasing, Phosphate treatment, passivation, rinsing, treatment with nanotechnology products,....


Treatment tunnel using spray systems for degreasing steel products

Degreasing and phosphating tunnel; placed on the ground

Monorail system equipped with waiting zones between oven and multi section washing chamber system

Pretreatment plant for cleaning and drying of products

Surface treatment tunnel made of polypropylene having a minimal consumption of energy, water and chemicals

Pre-treatment tunnel in stainless steel

Pretreatment plant for pickling of aluminum

Surface treatment tunnel on liquid painting line

Static spray with multi-stage treatment in a singular spray chamber

Spray immersion

Spray pretreatment system done by a washing chamber with automatic doors

Pre-treatment tunnel on a wet surface treatment line