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Belmeko is manufacturer of made-to-measure wet paint installations. It has its own engineering, production and assembling of spray walls, paint spraybooths, drying ovens, sanding booths, paint mixing rooms, paint storage rooms en overhead conveyor systems (from manual to power & free).


Semi-downdraft booth with rear extraction, no floor extraction

Downdraft spray booth with a pulley block to paint heavy pieces

Industrial spraybooth with lateral access

Paint area with separate heated chamber and rail system for sectional garage doors

Customized Painting cabine for industrial parts

Paint floor for long steel construction beams

Paintbooth and degreasing booth of 8m height for heavy weight and large elements

Liquid coating line that consists of paintbooth, drying booth, mixing room and manual conveyor

Foam coating: spray painting on polyurethane foam

Big spraybooth for heavy machines: bulldozers, tractors, cranes,…

Paint mixing room and spray booth

Paint shop: conveyor spraybooth with drying room and a separate high spray booth

Wet spray painting booth for plastics

Painting application: painter is using a spray gun in spray cabin with manual conveyor

Spraybooth with a mobile work lift to coat easily large painting objects

High semi-downdraft booth for construction equipment

Wet paint booth with rotating station handling to turn the pieces before the spray wall

Vertical ventilation in a spraybooth with power & free conveyor

Overview of a total coating plant with different spray rooms and drying ovens

Total paint shop

Paintbooth with andreafilter and manual conveyor

Two paintbooths, prepared for a potential manual conveyor

Liquid painting line with pre-treatment spray tunnel

Spray booth with a groove to bring in heavy pieces with a pulley block or overhead cranes

General view of a big coating plant with Power & Free conveyor

Multi-process line: shot blasting booth, paint booth and oven with a conveyor and coupling bridge crane

High spray booth to paint metal castings hanging on a overhead crane

Big dry filter spray booth with a closable groove

Two paint spraybooths to paint large painting objects

Spray and dry booth with recirculation and groove

Groove in the ceiling to bring in heavy pieces with a overhead travelling crane

Low budget semi-downdraft booth

Low budget painting booth with groove

Customized movable spraybooth, to be placed in a painting line

Shot blasting booth, degreasing booth and spray booth: all with a groove

High spray cabin for large machines

Spray and dry booth for aerospace industry including humidification

Dry filter paintbooth for aeronautical industry

Spraybooth for railway industry with a Wall-man = pneumatic work platform

Paint workshop for agriculture

Divisible paintbooth: big semi-downdraft booth or small down-draft booth

Semi-downdraft booth for large industrial machinery

Painting cabin with direct access from outside thanks to a roller door

Wet spray painting booth with roller shutter

Dry filter spray booth with vertical air flow

Wet paint application booth with suspension bracket

High industrial paintbooth with mixing room

Two sprayrooms prepared for future conveyor

Spray wall and conveyor integrated in spraybooth

Dry filter spray booth with suspension brackets to hang on metal parts

Wet paint application booth with vertical ventilation and conveyor

Coating plant: separate big spraybooth and conveyor going through a second paintbooth and drying room

Liquid coating cabin with vertical airflow and conveyor

Industrial painting room with pulley block for heavy machines

Paintbooth on the first floor with active carbon filtration system

Commerical spraybooth of 6m height for large structures

Coating metal sheets on a conveyor in a spraybooth

Sprayroom without burner

Spray booth oven with mixing room