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Belmeko is manufacturer and supplier of body shop equipment: painting booths, drying booths, preparation areas, sanding booths, paint mixing laboratories, paint storage rooms, heating units,...


Spraybooth for car bodywork

Paint finishing machinery: 2 paintbooths with roller door

Painting installation for a coach-work company with integrated car lifts

Scissor lift and sideways transport in wet paint booth

Direct access from mixing room to painting cabin

Automotive paint workshop: spraybooth with mixing room

Automotive spray booth with integrated scissor lift

Vertical air flow but no groundwork, thanks to a socle

Paint spray booth with side mounted drying booth and lateral transport

Commercial vehicle spraybooth and closed technical area

Fluent flow through booth

Workshop for commercial vehicles

Automotive bodyshop

Transport: lateral

Auto refinish shop with sideways transport between the paint booths

Automotive paint booth with socle to avoid groundwork and digging

Commercial vehicle spraybooth

Down-draft automotive spray booth with grated floor and floor extraction

Paint finishing machine: Paint spray booth with vertical ventilation

Two paintbooths and a mixing room in between

Auto refinish shop with painting and drying booth

Dry filter spray booth with frequency corrector for vans, light commercial vehicles and special vehicles

Speed dry spray booth for auto body shop including a quick dry system

Low budget automotive spray booth with mixing room

Two commercial vehicle spraybooths and a mixing room in between

Spraybooth recirculation