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Extraction Wall

Extraction Wall

Belmeko is manufacturer of open face paint booths in different sizes and with different type of filters. An open spray booth is the cheapest way to paint safely. The open booth can later be expanded by booth extensions, ceiling filters, intake fans, doors,... to become a complete spray booth.


Open paint booth with 2 side walls and ceiling for optimal light and ventilation. Low cost for high efficiency.

Dry filter spraybooth of 3m width with paintstop filtering

Spraywall with andrea paper filter

2 spray walls of each 3 meters with paint-stop filtering

Open front booth of 1m depth with fiberglass filter

Open face industrial spraybooth and an electrical oven next to it

Spraywalls for different painters

Customized open face spraybooth for entering with hoist

Big spraywall with fiberglass filter

Extraction wall integrated in a complete spray booth

Good value for money: spraywall with 2 side walls and ceiling. This is low budget for good quality painting.

Painting machine: open face paint booth

Open dry filter booth with a pulley block

Spraywall with filters in the ceiling to prevent dust in the coating

Extraction wall and filters in the ceiling

Very big coating plant which is good value for money

Small paintbooth with activated carbon filter for VOC removal

Horizontal airflow to paint

Extraction unit with long extraction pipes

Different paint working bays which are working independent of each other

Spraybooth in underpression

Good value for money: Big spraybooth in depression with integrated extraction unit

Spraywall in painting and drying booth

Coating machine: extraction wall with cardboard filter