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Belmeko is manufacturer and supplier of made to measure truck spray booths. These spray booths can be used for both conventional and water-based paints.


Spray booth for heavy vehicles

3 truck spray booths

Spraybooth with active carbon for long coaches

Two spray and dry booths for trucks

Truck spray booth with scissor lift

Double truck spray booth with side and rear extraction

Paint spray booth for heavy vehicles with folding doors

Truck spray booth with wall man lifts

Truck paint shop with roller shutter

Commercial spraybooth for big-sized vehicles

Big spray and dry booth, possible to split up, for trucks and cars

Spray cabin for coaches and touringcars with direct access from outside

Wet spray booth to paint a bus

Sprayroom with roller door for big-sized vehicles

Big downdraft booth for tour bus

Spraybooth for trailers, containers and vertical ventilation with equipment on top of the spraybooths

Semi-downdraft spraybooth to paint fork-lift trucks

Big spraybooth for bulldozer, power shovel, excavator

Spraybooth with diagonal ventilation

Wet paint application booth with safety access platform. This Wall-Man platform is pneumatically operated.

Truck spraybooth with energy savings